Agricultural Extension & Backyard Gardening

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1. Agricultural Extension

We provide technical farm extension services in order to assist our clients improve crop productivity and quality while ensuring effective and sustainable resource use. We focus on agro-ecological approaches to support in the diversification of farming systems, improve the state of degraded farmland, introduce and further develop water management and prevent and control pests and diseases. We can assist farmers in identifying weak areas and activities on the farm and assist them in developing a framework to improve productivity and promote environmental sustainability.

Contact us to learn how we can assist you in experimental design, data analysis and interpretation of results for your on-farm research trials. 

2. Backyard Gardening

We assist individuals, groups and families to design, plan and implement their very own backyard kitchen garden. Garden design is based on clients’ needs and budget. We encourage the use of sustainable and innovative practices and technologies such as shade houses, rainwater harvesting, drip irrigation, composting, aquaponics, etc.

We support educational school gardens and promote youth involvement in gardening activities to increase food awareness: where food comes from, how crops are grown, healthier eating and integration of garden-based practices in school curriculum. We support Slow Food Barbados Educational Gardens Initiative, having installed over 17 gardens in schools and institutions throughout Barbados.

We promote family farming activities and community-supported agriculture as a means to improve food security and move towards a food sovereignty mindset. Smallholder family farms are the backbone of the majority of Caribbean and Latin American agriculture and can act as an important catalyst for food security and poverty reduction. However, this can only be done if an enabling policy and regulatory framework is put into place in the wider region to promote sustainable smallholder family farming and rural women and youth empowerment.