Anne Desrochers

I am passionate and dedicated about applying a participatory and holistic approach to agricultural and rural development.

I hold a BSc in Agriculture and an MSc in Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering from McGill University. Over the years, I have worked with small, medium and large-scale farmers in North America, Central America and the Caribbean, covering a wide array of commodities. I gained experience in various topics, including:

  • Crop production (conventional and organic)

  • Integrated pest management and pesticide risk reduction

  • Climate-smart agriculture techniques

  • Soil and water conservation

  • Small-scale irrigation systems

  • Participatory training and capacity building for small scale farmers and rural youth in the Caribbean

  • Mapping and systematization of good practices

  • Innovative farming practices (shade house, hydroponic and aquaponic systems)

  • Knowledge management and experiential learning practices

My passion and my drive lies in working directly with small-scale and subsistence farmers, particularly vulnerable groups such as women and youth, and supporting them towards improving their knowledge, conditions and access to resources. I am also a strong believer in advocating change in policies to empower these vulnerable groups, let their voices be heard and include them in discussions and decision-making processes that can affect their livelihoods, communities and families as a whole.