Project Planning & Proposal Development

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We provide services to assist individuals, groups and organizations in planning their project and writing project proposals for grant or loan funding. In doing so, we can assist in all steps of the project development by defining:

  • Project scope

  • Objectives

  • Project description

  • Results framework

  • Detailed activities and work plan

  • Methodology

  • Timeline

  • Work breakdown structure

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Risk identification

  • Budget

  • Management plan

  • Monitoring and evaluation plan, etc.

Additionally, we can design and conduct multi-stakeholder consultations to define and identify project strategies and interventions required. Contact us today so we can support you in the implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of projects related to agro-environmental, food security, rural development, farm adaptation and resilience to climate change, rural women and youth empowerment, sustainable crop production and other topics.